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Big-screened brilliance on a budget

Big-screened brilliance on a budget

Big-screened brilliance on a budget
News from CNET:

Motorola updated its popular budget Moto G smartphone in 2014 with a larger 5-inch display, an improved camera and expandable storage. Oddly, however, the company removed a critical feature that had been present in the preceding model: 4G LTE.

The 2015 version of the Moto G sees a welcome return of 4G LTE. This fourth generation is visually identical to last year’s model, with the same 5-inch, 720p display and 1.2GHz quad-core processor slumbering beneath. It’s updated to the latest version of Android 5.0 Lollipop and there’s an 8-megapixel camera slapped on the back too.

The 4G-enabled version of the phone is currently only available in Europe, China and Brazil, and Motorola has yet to announce plans to bring it to the US or Australia. In the UK, the phone is available SIM-free directly from Motorola for £159</…………… continues on CNET

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Motorola intros the Moto Selfie Stick: wood, leather, and a touch of class
News from Phone Arena:

An old legend has it that for every smartphone owner who hates selfie sticks, there are 100 others who constantly use them. Motorola seems to be well aware of this legend, as it just unveiled its first selfie stick, naturally called Moto Selfie Stick.

Now, the Moto Selfie Stick isn’t like the other sticks out there. It’s assembled by hand, and comes in several variants, including one that’s made out of real wood and is dressed in hand-stitched leather (this would make a great pair with that red leather Moto X, wouldn’t it?). As Motorola puts it, “a selfie stick is not just an accessory, it’s an extension of who you are,” that’s why it’s crafting these products as works of art.

So, when will you be able to buy these pieces of art, and for how much? Motorola doesn’t say, but the video embedded below (which, we must add, is quite brilliant) is proof that the company is

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