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Get Serious: Of COURSE Google’s Going To Take On The iPhone (GOOG)

Get Serious: Of COURSE Google’s Going To Take On The iPhone (GOOG)

Get Serious: Of COURSE Google’s Going To Take On The iPhone (GOOG)
News from San Francisco Chronicle:

The conventional wisdom among Silicon Valley bigwigs is that Google is going to “go iPhone” after its Motorola acquisition is complete.

The merger is dragging through the approval process — China is the last country standing in the way — but some time this year the deal will close.

That’s when Google’s mobile plans will start to become clear.

Android chief Andy Rubin is swearing up and down that Motorola will be just another partner for Google, and that it will continue to treat all its Android partners equally.

But Google has to say this, otherwise all its Android partners would begin looking around for alternatives like Windows Phone.

The tru…………… continues on San Francisco Chronicle

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Motorola has really been stepping up lately. If you would have asked me six months ago to choose between a Samsung handset and a Motorola phone, I probably would have chosen Samsung hands-down.

But as Motorola evolves its design language and nails down some of our most necessary features — solid battery, thin profile, premium feel in the hand, and badass specs — I find myself more and more infatuated with the stuff Moto’s putting out.

Take this leaked Droid Fighter, for example. If information from the PhonesHK forums is correct, Motorola is improving on its already successful

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