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It’s Time to Start Taking Motorola Seriously Again

It’s Time to Start Taking Motorola Seriously Again

It’s Time to Start Taking Motorola Seriously Again
News from NDTV:

Motorola used to be one of the biggest names in the global mobile phone industry. It was also one of the first brands to challenge Nokia’s dominance of the Indian mobile phone market, with disruptive products such as the original Razr V3.

So why is it that the brand is now seen by many as second tier? Part of the problem lies in history – while Motorola was amongst the early Android adopters, its products were quickly overshadowed by phones from Samsung, Sony and others. Since then, Motorola has changed hands twice, and this has affected its perception.

Motorola is often considered a sub-par manufacturer by the buying public and to some extent by reviewers and influencers as well. Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony price their devices at Rs. 50,000 or more and everyone thinks that’s justified. But when Motorola prices the Moto X at Rs. 32,000 and the Moto Turbo at Rs. 42,000, people say they are “too expensive”.

Motorola is still suffering from poor decisions and products from three-four years ago. From being one of the pioneers of the mobile phone revolution – Motorola developed and sold the first commercially available cell phone in the world in 1984, the DynaTAC – the company has fallen hard. The brand struggled through the early smartphone era, producing…………… continues on NDTV

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