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Microsoft Wins Ruling Forcing Change in Motorola Phones

Microsoft Wins Ruling Forcing Change in Motorola Phones

Microsoft Wins Ruling Forcing Change in Motorola Phones
News from BusinessWeek:

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) (MSFT) won a federal trade ruling that will force Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. (MMI) (MMI) to alter software on some of its Android-based mobile phones to keep bringing them into the U.S.

A U.S. International Trade Commission judge found that Motorola Mobility infringed a patent covering a program by Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft called ActiveSync, which lets users generate meeting requests among a group. Six other patents weren’t violated, the judge ruled.

The ruling still must be reviewed by President Barack Obama, who can override the order on public policy grounds.

“We hope that now Motorola will be willing to join the vast majority of Android device makers selling phones in the U.S. by taking a license to our patents,” David Howard, Microsoft’s deputy general counsel, said in an e-mailed statement.

An exclusion order would affect Droid 2, Droid X, i1, Cliq XT, Devour, Backflip, Charm and Clip models, according to a filing with the ITC.

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Oh Hey, Motorola and RIM Called: They Want to Go Back to 2004 and Try Again
News from The Atlantic:

If you were awesome and monied in 2004 and you wanted the latest in mobile gadgetry, you would have wanted two excellent gadgets: the Motorola Razr and some version of the Blackberry, which was the dominant way to send and receive corporate email. With these two devices, you could have powered a mobile office! Some bankers could type faster on the Blackberry’s tiny keyboard than on their laptops and the Razr was undeniably sexy.

The Razr was a flip phone, which meant that when you finished a call firing someone or making a date with a model, you could slap that baby shut, like, “Yeah, I was talking but now I’m done, so, OHSNAP, I’m Audi.” The rest of us just had to push some nerdy red END button with a 1960s telephone icon on it.

Venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson posted a photo of a Razr to flickr in November of that year captioned like this:

The most popular phone at our conference was the Motorola V3 Razr.

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