Motorola’s next flagship smartphone, the Moto X Pure Edition, will debut on September 3.

Those who wish to purchase one must do so through Amazon, Best Buy, or Motorola’s own website — Motorola will not sell the Moto X Pure Edition through any carrier.

This stands in sharp contrast to its Android rival Samsung (NASDAQ Other:SSNLF).

In the U.S., the Korean tech giant does not sell unlocked Galaxy handsets — all of its phones are designed for particular carriers.

Every Samsung phone sold in the U.S. — even those sold through third-party retailers — is branded by a single wireless carrier.

Motorola has been much less successful than Samsung to date, but its strategy hints at a changing U.S. wireless landscape.

Unlocked and ready work to with any carrier

It’s often a difficult and confusing process to bring a handset from one carrier to another. Differences in technologies and frequency banding…………… continues on Business Insider