Motorola gives you $100 to update your phone because of no Jelly Bean

Motorola gives you $ 100 to update your phone because of no Jelly Bean
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Motorola is yet another Android OEM that is suffering from a lot of update woes. Despite being closely associated with Google, the company has been rather lacking in terms of their Android update support. The company made promises and broke promises regarding updates, leaving a lot of people wondering if they even want to be a Motorola user again.

Motorola’s new focus on a select few phones seems to also dictate abandonment of older phone models. For Motorola’s “fresh new start”, they seemed willing enough to let go of their older phones entirely. Unfortunately, the consumers don’t feel as enlightened and happy.

Motorola obviously wants you to stay, so they are planning to give you a better reason to do so. If you can’t get a software update to the latest version of Android, why not update the hardware itself? If you heard something like that and didn’t hear the next part, you would definitely piss off and swear away from Motorola for life, but you have to keep listening, as Motorola doesn’t want to just upgrade you, they will give you a $ 100 boost for the purchase.

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