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Motorola RAZR i review – Pocket-lint.com

Motorola RAZR i review – Pocket-lint.com

Motorola RAZR i review – Pocket-lint.com
News from Motorola RAZR i review – Pocket-lint.com:

26 September 2012 18:32 GMT / By Chris Hall

The Motorola RAZR i is arguably the first mainstream Android handset to launch with an Intel chipset inside. 

There have been some predecessors, the Orange San Diego for example, but with the RAZR i slated to launch in Europe and Latin America, it has its sights set on a much larger market than the Orange-branded handset.

The Motorola RAZR i shares many of its specs and all of it’s design with the Motorola RAZR M, a Qualcomm-packing alternative that launched in the US, initially under the Droid…………… continues on Motorola RAZR i review – Pocket-lint.com

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News from Internet Search Engine Database:

In 2011 Google’s Android operating platform powering Samsung, LG, HTC and many other handsets had a 55 percent market share of the US market while Apple had 29% and Motorola Mobility that Google bought at $ 12.5 billion over a year ago had just 8% share. However while Google had jumped into the smart phone band wagon without any solid back up of registered patents the Illinois-based Motorola Mobility, that had developed the initial consumer market for mobile phones with Dyna TAC 8000X that cost a fortune in 1983 , had a portfolio of more than 17,000 patents and a complete manufacturing facility with R&D infrastructure to back its claims.

Both these attributes made Motorola attractive to Google as it provided the fig leaf cover that Google did not have against patent infringement suits by rivals. Within a month of Apple wining the billion dollar lawsuit at San Jose California against Samsung, Google’s Motorola Mobility entered the market with something radically different from Apple,

Google and Motorola Mobilty announced and unveiled Razr its first smartphone handset to be powered by an Intel processor recently in several destinations across Latin America and Europe. The smart phone featuring a wide screen and 40% longer life battery will compete against Apple’s iPhon…………… continues on Internet Search Engine Database

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