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Motorola’s flagship problem: Too many almost-great phones

Motorola’s flagship problem: Too many almost-great phones

Motorola’s flagship problem: Too many almost-great phones
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Android By Russell Holly Nov. 13, 2014 1:46 pm

The notion that there is such a thing as the “best” Android phone is inherently flawed. Different people look for different qualities, and it’s impossible to create a phone that offers something for everyone without running into a dozen problems along the way. Most smartphone manufacturers try to resolve this issue by focusing on a single device in each category, and making that device the best possible representation of how that company thinks people want to use smartphones. This year, Motorola has taken a different approach. Instead of unique experiences across the user spectrum, Motorola’s smartphones are all slight variants of one another.

Over the past year, Motorola’s software experience has been all about simplicity. Their phones offer features that you barely even notice, with the rest of the experience being as close to Google’s vision for Android that you can get. The 2014 release of the

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Nexus 6 review: Big and bold, but similar to Motorola’s other flagship phones
News from Gigaom:

Google’s Nexus 6 is in a strange situation. Not only is this is the first Nexus phone to be sold by five major U.S. carriers but it’s actually a close variant of a readily available line of devices from Motorola; perhaps unsurprising since Google chose Motorola to build the phone. So it’s actually competing in retail stores with similar non-Nexus phones such as the Moto X and Droid Turbo.

The phone doesn’t have what you’d consider a typical relatively lower-cost Nexus price either. Last year’s model 32 GB was recently priced at $ 399 but this year Google is selling a 32 GB Nexus 6 unlocked for $ 649 with a 64 GB model for $ 699 while carriers are setting their own pricing options.

I’ll come back to all of these points later as they’re very relevant to the question of whether or not you should buy a

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